Friday, 30 October 2009

Gold Star-bucks - and a raspberry for mobile broadband

In a (WiFiless) Carlisle cafe this morning wanting to catch up with work e-mails before going to visit a client, so I plugged my dongle in.

3Connect mobile broadband said it wanted to download an update, so I let it... and what did it do?

Uninstalled itself, that's what.


And there was me with work to do and not time to drive the 10 miles home and back again to pick up the installation info.

So I guessed that a chain cafe would be my best option for WiFi and went round the corner to Starbucks.

They have WiFi. Good point. It's complimentary if you put £2 on a Starbucks card. Brilliant point.

So I registered for that.

And now it looks like I can use WiFi at any Starbucks I like (and there's plenty of them), on unlimited visits to Starbucks in the UK and Ireland (so long as I buy a drink at each visit of course), on any computer. It doesn't matter if I have my work Mac or my PC netbook with me. No software to download, unlike the 3Connect.

Looking good.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Winds of change!

As you may have seen on FreeAgent's company blog, I'm very happy to have joined their team as their tame accountant.

So the content of this blog will change a bit going forward.

I'm going to keep away from writing about accounting software and other accounting matters here.

But I am still keen to write about customer service and so I'm going to keep this blog on to write about that.

I'm also going to start a new foodie blog, because my husband Matt and I love cooking and eating good food. And we also love checking out bed-and-breakfasts. So once I've decided on a snappy title for that blog, I'll put it up here.

UPDATE: The blog is called "Great British Food and B&B's" and you can find it here.

Dennis Howlett would be proud of me - he had to give me a great deal of encouragement to make me take up blogging, but now I've started, I can't stop. It's addictive :-)