Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Diamond service for a Diamond celebration

I was looking for something really special to celebrate the launch of Epoc's new Diamond and Crystal beds at Decorex International 2012, not only because they are the first beds in the UK to feature Biocrystal technology for an extra restful sleep, but because the first limited edition Diamond bed, named in honour of The Queen's Diamond Jubilee, has been gifted to The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry and is expected to fetch in excess of £20,000 when auctioned in the run up to Christmas.

That's not something that happens every day and a special gift for my contacts at Biocrystal and Epoc was in order.  So I asked the biscuiterie if they could make some iced biscuits in the shapes of - you've guessed it - diamonds and crystals.

The team at the biscuiterie, which is a new business this year, replied very promptly to my e-mails, sent pictures of what the biscuits would look like, and took payment by PayPal, which made it very easy for me to pay.

They then sent the biscuits in a strong box protected by plenty of bubble wrap, which meant they survived being posted from Northamptonshire to my home in Cumbria, a train journey from Cumbria to London, and being carried across London by tube in a rucksack, without a single biscuit being cracked or broken in the process.

My contacts at Biocrystal and Epoc were absolutely delighted with the biscuits - and so was I.  You can see why - they're stunning.

Thank you Matthew and Mylene for a great product and excellent service!