Monday, 24 September 2012

Eastern promise fulfilled

I booked a flight on Eastern Airways, following a scheduled client meeting.

The client postponed the meeting to another day.

I've had experience of what usually happens if you need to move a flight.  Sometimes you have to kiss your money goodbye and book again from scratch.  British Airways let you change your flight but they charge you a £60 admin fee for the privilege.  And as for moving a flight to an as yet unspecified day?  I've never asked any airline that before, and I wasn't holding my breath.

But when I e-mailed Eastern Airways to explain, I had a response within 15 minutes from a lovely friendly lady called Sarah, who said that she could put the flight on hold and I could re-book it as soon as I was ready.

Quick response, delivering exactly what the customer wanted, something that competitors can't or won't normally do, and friendly and cheerful too.  Fantastic.

So long as the flight, when I actually take it, lives up to the standards of the customer service team, Eastern Airways will leapfrog BA as my airline of choice.