Saturday, 28 January 2012

A gold star for Lands' End

I regularly buy clothing from Lands' End, who sell excellent quality casual and smart casual wear.

In the autumn I bought two pairs of leggings from them. Recently I noticed one pair had begun to come apart at the seams, so I posted that pair back to Lands' End and asked for a new pair and a refund of postage.

That parcel went in the post on Monday.

My new pair arrived today - Saturday. Less than a week later.

With a refund of postage notification.

What great service.

We all make mistakes. Sooner or later every business sells a faulty stock line, or doesn't give tip-top service. But making a mistake is the perfect opportunity to "wow" a customer by putting it right.

Lands' End just wowed me.

That means I'm not only going to go back and buy from them again, but I'll recommend them as a great business to buy from.