Friday, 5 December 2008

Back in the blogosphere

Well, after just over a year of silence while I was in the employment world, I've got my own blog again - because very soon I will have my own business again.

That business is going to make bespoke screen-capture videos for training, marketing or sales. And also simulations for training which let users practise what they've just seen.

Pretty soon I'll have a website too and link it up to this blog, so that you can see what videos I make.

Because I'm an accountant, I'm going to focus mainly on videos for the accounting and financial industries. But I'd like to make other videos too. The accounting world does sometimes seem like it's full of stuffed shirts.

And I'm also going to keep my accounting hand in by doing freelance sub-contract accounting work.

That's a brief introduction but I'll be blogging regularly now. All comments are welcome but any spam or malicious comments will of course be deleted.



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