Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Gold star for Depositit, black mark for Camtasia

Yesterday evening, I sat down to finish off a big video I'd been working on. 15 minutes long, with not only screenshots but clips of moving pictures (not something I usually deal with), and lots of Camtasia intricacies like title clips.

I decided to put in some transitions between the clips. That's the page turn / fade / roll over effects.

When I put them in, for reasons known only to Camtasia version 6, the audio went absolutely mad. It cut bits off and stuck some extra at the beginning so that it sounded like there were several Ms all speaking at once. And it stuck some extra on the end after the video had finished.

And I'd pressed Save before I realised that had happened. There was no unpicking it. Even removing the transitions didn't cure the problem.


But then at 10.45 last night (which is very late for me - I'm a lark not an owl), I had a brainwave.

My computer is set up to run a daily online backup with Depositit.

And it had already run before I started working on the video.

So this morning, I went into Depositit and, for the first time, tried restoring a file from the backup.

It worked!! The old file restored with no problems and I was able to go back to a video with smooth problem-free audio.

The moral of this story is - if you haven't got a backup system in place, GET ONE NOW!! It saved my bacon!

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  1. Hi Emily,

    I'm really pleased that we managed to 'save your bacon' and restoring the file was easy for you. As we all know, the true test of any backup system is how quickly and efficiently you can restore and at Depositit we spend a lot of time ensuring our service does exactly what it says on the tin!

    Keep well,

    Anthony Ryb
    Sales Director


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