Friday, 22 May 2009

Today's tip: Always read the small print 2 (good news)

One of the heap of forms I have to fill in to start my practice, is, of course, with the ICAEW to ask if they'll let me have a practising certificate and have paying clients of my own.

That form is short, clear and well written.

It comes with a thicker "Accompanying Notes" section, which I nearly decided I didn't have time to read.

Cue Captain Bertorelli - "Mamma mia. What-a mistake-a to make-a".

Hidden in the notes was a paragraph saying that there's an exemption from paying the £253 fee for the first year or so of practice, available to be applied for, by sole practitioners who either haven't had a practising certificate in the last 3 years, or haven't applied for the exemption before.

I like the ICAEW.

Another good reason why you should always read the small print.

Doing that today has potentially saved me over £600 for the next year. Which is a lot when you're a one-woman start-up business.

I think I'll spend the money I save on a nice website for my hopefully-soon-to-be-new practice.

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