Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Would you follow a recommendation from a cold caller?

Mark Lee has posted about whether the upsurge in the use of telemarketers by accountancy firms who are looking for new clients, will be successful in wheedling clients away from their existing accountants.

Personally I have to say that, as a small business owner, any telemarketers who call me, no matter what service they are offering, will, nearly always, be told very politely (after all, the poor devils are only trying to do their job), "No thank you".

If, exceptionally, they sound like the service is good, then I'll ask them to post me some more information. It's amazing how few of them will do that, particularly insurance salespeople. They want to get you signed up over the phone. No info by post = no sign up from M.

I would never use a telemarketing service to try and win more clients. Word of mouth and meeting people personally is proving to be far more effective. The personal and friendly touch can't be beaten.

Would you use telemarketers for your own business? How do you respond when a telemarketer calls you?

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