Friday, 6 March 2009

Duane, I challenge you

KashFlow are offering their software for free till the end of April to anyone who can send in a boxed, unused copy of Sage, QuickBooks or MYOB accounting software. For more info click here.

That's a great marketing wheeze - BUT the big snag is that it may not catch those who bought desktop software packages through their accountants.

Sage's Accountants Club is, so far as I know, one of their main channels to market. Accountants love Sage as I've said before. And often their clients are given Sage by them.

So the accountant will appear at the client's premises with a boxed copy of Sage, load it on to their computer, if the client is lucky set it up for them, and go back to their own office.

The client no longer has a boxed copy of Sage to send in to Duane and get a free copy of KashFlow.

I'd like to bat a challenge at Duane. How are you going to get hold of these guys, the clients of the Sage accountants?



  1. Am I missing something Emily? If it has to be boxed and unused, surely as soon as it's loaded it doesn't qualify.

  2. That's true Stuart.

    But the clients who have the software bought and loaded by their accountants can't qualify for this promotion - whereas if they'd bought the software themselves they might not have loaded it.



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