Tuesday, 24 March 2009

What's in a name?

Over on Enterprise Nation, I spotted (and commented on) this forum thread which was a question from a lady who's looking to find a name for her new cupcake business.

What to call your new business is a challenge that all new start-ups encounter. Some opt for their own name (which I like because it identifies your passion with the business brand).

Others go for something that tells potential customers something about the business. My sister-in-law runs a business catering for children's parties, and she called her business "Tots Teas", which I think is a great name because it says straight away what the business does and gives her a really clear target market to aim at. And it's a memorable name, too.

As for my own business name - the "M" is short for Emily (thanks to Doug, my ex-boss, who started heading up e-mails to me with a letter M) and the "Ask" comes from the two chaps I used to share an office with, Michael and Jim. They always used to get me to look up information on the web for them - so instead of "Ask Jeeves", they would "Ask M"!

I know that doesn't say anything about what my business does - but if you can come up with a quirky name that covers both videos and accounting - please let me know and if I decide I like it better than "Ask M", I'll send you a voucher for a bottle of bubbly :-)

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  1. Maybe 'Ask M about Videos and Accountancy.' I'll await the mo├ęt by post!


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