Friday, 15 May 2009

Online accounting for accountants: Benefit 1

Are you an accountant in practice?

Do you have clients who keep their records on desktop software?

How easy is it to switch from one client to another?

Let's say you've got clients on Sage. Some of them use Sage Instant. Some use the old-style Line 50 in all colours from version 10 onwards. Some use the new-look 50 Accounts.

So if you've finished looking at one client's books and want to look at another, you've got to close the program you've got open, remember which version the second client is on, open that program, restore a backup... and umpteen clicks of the mouse later, you're there.

BUT... if your clients all kept their records online, using the same system (whatever that may be), then just about every online accounting software program I've seen has a facility to switch quickly from one client to another.

Pearl does. Winweb does. I think FreeAgent does, too.

So no more faffing about changing from one different version of the same product to another.

Wouldn't that save you a lot of time?


  1. Clarity Accounting has an easy to switch, too :-)

  2. Most accountants have clients all using different products and versions, we had, now we only have a few left on something other than WinWeb.

    As a practice that has tried its best to offer a standard software to all clients, I can honestly say it can be done, but it does take a lot longer than you would first think and the level of commitment the practice needs to give to implement the changes is huge.

    Result, after three years, most but not all clients are on WinWeb, of those not on, a few will be moving over during the next 12 months, the rest, well you can't make the horse drink even if you do lead it to water :-)


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