Monday, 20 July 2009

When customers won't help themselves

Another example from Airline.

A lady flying from Bristol to Paris had had her flight cancelled because of a strike by French air traffic controllers. She transferred to the following day's flight, then turned up only 5 minutes before it left - and, unsurprisingly, was refused entry to check-in and told she'd have to pay a £35 transfer fee to fly the next day.

She was in floods of tears, insisting she couldn't pay, but the manager stood firm and insisted she had to pay because it was her fault she'd arrived late.

And, as Tony Robinson the narrator put it, "Oh look. She's found a credit card."

Breaking the rules for no good reason, and then trying to pull a fast one and avoid paying the fee, is, I'm sorry to say, is the sort of behaviour that makes businesses mistrust their customers - and sadly, that mistrust will extend to the good customers as well as the bad ones.

(I'd be pretty sure that the transfer fee was originally introduced to deter people from changing their booking at the last minute and causing a headache for the staff.)

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  1. Don't we just love customers/clients like this!! NOT!

    It never ceases to amaze me the stunts people will come up with to try and deny it's THEIR fault.
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