Friday, 31 July 2009

Who gives the best customer service?

A link on Dennis Howlett's blog led me to this commendation for FreeAgent from a guy who's only just started using it.

Mick says to the FreeAgent team:
I hope you sell the company for an enormous fortune.
Well sorry Mick, but I don't :-)

To my mind, the people who will provide the best product / service to customers are those who really love what they do.

And often, that's the people who started the company and for whom the product / service is their baby. They have the passion for it that nobody else can ever have.

So I don't reckon that we FreeAgent users will get any better from any other owner than we get from Ed, Roan and Olly, who've built a great product and provide very quick support.

I know, too, that Duane Jackson at KashFlow denies he's been tempted to sell out to Sage, and I think that's great because they just wouldn't have the passion he has for his product.

So don't sell up yet please guys :-)

I do wonder whether users of PTP accounting and tax software think the customer service is as good since it was bought by IRIS? Or whether TAS customers are still as happy since they've become Sage customers?

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  1. Yip! It's usually a turn for the worse when a small company sells out to the "big boys".
    We used to use Taxsoft tax return software in a practice I worked for and when sage took it over we had to migrate our systems. A week later and now wok had been done! And every time we tried to call someone we were put into sages queue and had to listen to that lovely recorded message.
    Please don't sell out!

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