Thursday, 26 February 2009

Contrasting customer service stories

I wasn't quite sure whether to click on a link to Duane Jackson's blog that was called "bStartup bSpammin". I thought at first that spammers had infiltrated his site.

I decided to risk it - and found a snip at the bottom of the blog post that winked at me. Here it is.
PS. This rant has nothing to do with the fact that bStartup are threatening us with a CCJ for cancelling my order for a stand (yes, I crumbled - it didn’t stop the calls though) a couple of days after ordering it because my wife had the cheek to choose the same weekend to be due to go into labour.
Personally I think bStartup deserve a wet fish in the face for appalling customer service on that one. How inflexible - and uncaring.

Contrast that with Ceredigion County Council.

In December, my mum parked her car in a pay and display car park in Cardigan, paid for an hour's parking, and walked into town to do some shopping - and collapsed with a heart attack.

So not surprisingly, her car was in the car park for well over the paid time.

And also not surprisingly, it collected a parking ticket.

A few days later (by which time Mum was well on the way to a full recovery), Dad and I paid the ticket so as not to get fined even more if our appeal was refused, and composed a polite letter to the County Council to appeal for a refund because of the extenuating circumstances. We offered to provide medical evidence if they needed it.

The County Council promptly sent a very nice letter back saying that they "wholeheartedly agreed" that the parking ticket should be cancelled in the situation, waving away the offer of medical evidence, and wishing Mum a speedy recovery.

Full marks for customer service.

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