Friday, 20 February 2009

TweetDeck good point no.1; spreading the word

My friend Glen Feechan has only been on Twitter a matter of days, and yet he already has more followers than I do (and I've used Twitter for several months).

One application he's used to broaden his networking circle is TweetDeck, which, so Glen tells me, lets him pick up any references made by Twitter users to material he could help with, such as pivot tables.

I decided to try TweetDeck today, and downloaded it.

On Twitter itself, there's an @Replies button which lets you see any tweets in the public domain which start with your Twitter username (as distinct from Direct Messages to you, which are for your eyes only).

But on TweetDeck, in the @Replies column, you can see not only public domain tweets that start with your Twitter username, but any public domain tweets that mention your Twitter username at all.

And that let me pick up on one of my recent customers saying nice things about me to a potential new customer.

I'm happy now :-)


  1. You're referring to this Tweet which I found using Twitter Search: - but I could also have found it using TweetDeck's search feature (lol)

  2. Pleased you're finding it useful.


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