Thursday, 16 July 2009

Software Satisfaction Awards 2009 - the shortlist

Just checked out the shortlist for the Accounting and Finance section of 2009's Software Satisfaction Awards.

The Small Business Accounting Software shortlist contains not one, not two, but FOUR online solutions - and not a desktop-based package in sight.

That's right.

No Sage and no QuickBooks.

In fact, none of the "Business Accounting Software" award shortlists contain a Sage product. And I think this may be the first year this has happened (no doubt someone will correct me if I'm wrong). This year, Sage is up for only two awards and neither of those is in an "Accounting and Finance" category.

I think this is great news. It's an indication that business users are going online for accounting software and voting with their feet. I'm sure that Dennis Howlett would agree with me that we accountants have got to catch up and do the same or else we'll find ourselves floundering.

I'm also delighted to see that FreeAgent has made it to the shortlist in the Web Hosted Software category for what I think is also the first time. Great guns guys. And good to see KashFlow and Pearl both in there again.

I'll be watching with interest to see what happens on 8th October when the winners are chosen.


  1. We're beaming to have been short-listed for the 2nd time running. The lack of traditional on-premise SW is a clear sign... Everything is going into the cloud. We are the next generation of software - affordable, easy to use and available anywhere/anytime.

  2. Online solutions are great - providing you have a fast reliable connection Unfortunately I don't so will be sticking to good old MORE software for the future!
    Good to see sage relegated though:)
    Hampshire Accountants


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