Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Who's the David?

Dennis Howlett and Phil Wainewright have rather different views on KashFlow vs Sage. I have to say I agree with Phil. There's a difference between random mud-slinging and targeted, researched responses, and to me Duane's posts read like the latter.

But now, ClearBooks, a new player in the small business accounting software market, have come along and taken a pot shot at KashFlow.

Does Duane suddenly find himself playing Goliath instead of David?

Let's see how ClearBooks pans out. I'll be watching this with interest.


  1. I thought the same - more to come on this methinks

  2. Targetted, researched mud, maybe :-P.

  3. David here from Clear Books - well actually it's Tim :-)

    Six months ago I had not even heard of KashFlow. In fact, I thought we had hit on a brilliant new idea when we first started developing "an online accounting system". Then I stumbled upon Xero, then Imbercal, then KashFlow, then WinWeb, then... utto!!

    The blog posts are simply an outlet to put down some notes on the competition. We're certainly envious of the customer base the above group have been able to establish with their head start. Clearly, they all have a product that works for thier users. However, we are really excited about our product and our approach and hope to close the gap.

    Thanks for the mention.

    Tim Fouracre
    Clear Books

  4. Interesting approach from Clear Books, I guess its one way of getting attention...

    Kashflows' Duane is doing more for the entire SaaS industry...
    His company looks more respectable due to the fact that he even talks up other credible SaaS options.
    I have noticed him recommending to customers outside the UK. (I have seen this on multiple occasions on Twitter)

    Kashflow look to be increasing the size of overall the pie...


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