Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Anyone else wrestled with HM Revenue's website?

As well as making videos, I also do subcontract accounting work.

On this occasion, that meant going on to HM Revenue & Customs' website and trying to find a particular form to fill in.

I typed the form's name into the search function.

What did I get?

Links to the various manuals HM Revenue have written for their inspectors.

Now I know I'm an accountant but that doesn't mean I want to wade through piles of bumpf that the poor inspectors are trying to get their brains round (I've met several Revenue inspectors, and almost without exception they are nice folks - no I'm not being sarky).

I just want some straightforward guidance and a form to download.

But could I find it? Not on your nelly.

The Revenue do "straightforward guidance and a simple form" very nicely for people just starting up in business.

But anything remotely complicated... forget it.

Come on HM Revenue, don't make life more of a maze than it is!

Bet Shaun would agree with me!


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  1. M you have rattled my cage!
    I agree 100%. HMRC website is a shambles. So many broken links, pages which should be there and aren't and yes - he wonderful "search" facility you mentioned. Absolute rubbish! You are better off Googling the form you want. Or go to my website http://ww.tax-sorted.biz ;)

    if you want to see more rants about HMRC go to http://hmrcisshite.blogspot.com/ its written by Ken Frost who is an accountant and is a series of scathing attacks on HMRC. I LOVE it!


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