Monday, 5 January 2009

Hoist the Blue Peter!

It's official!

My previous employment has finished so I am now self-employed and running my own business. Scary but very exciting!

As part of my new business, I've started an online magazine, or e-zine (hat tip to Glen Feechan for giving me that idea). It's called "Cut the Guff".

One of my absolute pet hates is what the Plain English Campaign call waffle and what I call business guff. It gets right up my nose when people use 10 words where 1 will do. Or when they spend all their time talking management speak like "thinking outside the box", or "singing from the same hymn sheet" but actually do nothing at all.

So I've started a new e-zine absolutely FREE to try and help my readers (that's you) eliminate business guff from YOUR lives!

Please sign up using the form on the right-hand side of this page.

Happy New Year one and all!



  1. Hear hear! Praise all who speak plain english!
    Looking forward to your words of wisdom in the ezine M


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