Friday, 16 January 2009

Is e-mail the new snail mail?

Dennis Howlett and Mark Lee have locked antlers recently over on IT Counts about whether Twitter is a service that accountants will find useful.

In summary - Dennis says yes and Mark says no.

My own thoughts are that Twitter is absolutely fantastic for ultra-quick communication. I had a contact of mine ask me to carry out a review this morning. Direct messaging on Twitter meant that we could exchange thoughts quicker than I'm typing now. No need to wait for an e-mail to be delivered. 15 minutes later and off he went to start making changes.

And it's also great for networking, which is vital to someone as new to this whole running-a-business lark as I am. It's so quick to agree to follow someone on Twitter, and then you get their updates.

The one improvement I would like to see is an automatic invite to ask someone to follow you once you've agreed to follow them.

But if you're Twitter-shy:

1) Watch the fab video below from CommonCraft which explains what it is.

2) Hop over to Twitter and try it. You won't regret it.


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