Friday, 16 January 2009

Another QuickBooks non-supporter

An earlier comment on this blog led me to Clarity Accounting, a saas product from a Canadian company. I'd not seen it before.

One point that I picked up from Dobes Vandermeer's blog on this site is that he, like me, has tried QuickBooks and doesn't much like it.

QuickBooks seems to be a product that accountants either love or loathe.

Most of those who love it seem to do so because in many ways it's much easier for clients to use than Sage. That's a very fair point. How user-friendly the software is for non-accountants is a big, big factor in helping clients choose their bookkeeping software.

But the reason why I don't like it is because it seems a mare to get any form of reliable, useful information from. I've tried getting a TB or a VAT report from it. Cue a one-way ticket to Cloud Cuckoo Land.

What's your opinion of QuickBooks? All comments welcome.



  1. QuickBooks certainly doesn't get much love in the twitter community; someone made a special website to show all the tweets with QuickBooks in them and the results are not in favor of QuickBooks - varying from neutral to bad, only occasionally will you see "I love QuickBooks!" anywhere.

    If you compare that to a search on twitter for, say, FreshBooks the results are usually neutral or someone saying "FreshBooks is good/great":

  2. QuickBooks is not for real business people. Any strategic business leader would use a tool which helps you see your entire business at once and does not isolate accounting from inventory, orders, and sales. Its a great tool for folks who are not as serious about growing their business and are complacent with just managing it as is.

  3. Check out Big E-Z Books if you something supersimple to use.


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