Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Garbage in, garbage out!

A site that's called "No More QuickBooks" just had to be worth investigating.

Here it is.

It also interested me because it has some short reviews of various other pieces of small business accounting software, mostly online ones (scrub that - it's all online ones), and reviews of online payment methods like WorldPay.

I found my way to this site via a post from UK Business Forums. A new company was looking for accounting software recommendations. One very sensible accountant called Aaron pointed out that, whatever software the company uses, it
"will only be as good as the data you input"
Absolutely right!

Putting your data into the computer doesn't make it right. I've seen plenty of sets of records kept on the computer - mostly Sage, but one or two others - which have been an awful mess.

So the warning is - choose your package carefully, and get some training on it!!



  1. Remind me, what online accounting product did the user at UKBF decide to go for after thoroughly reviewing all of the options? : )

  2. Do I detect the blowing of a KASHFLOW trumpet there, Duane??



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